Parent Involvement Statement:

   As parents/ guardians, we are sure you understand and are aware that you are the most important people in your child's life for a variety of reasons. You have a great impact on how they achieve and perform in school and in life. You are there to protect, love, and educate your children in preparation for what lies ahead. We now understand and have research to prove that when families are involved in a student's life both in and out of the classroom, they perform better. Not only are we, the teachers, here to help your child flourish and improve, but they also have their biggest fans, you. So please, help us show each child how much they are valued and how intelligent they are through continued love and involvement. Thank you.

Communication Channels:

Parents can always check back on this webpage for class information. Teachers can be reached by their email addresses or school telephone numbers. We understand how important communication is and we will always be available to meet with parents privately.

Sierra Burris- (345) 763-1234

Ryan Gelber- (309) 438-7566

Kelly O' (978) 678-9345

Emma De Biasio - (708) 398-9388

Parent/Community Events:

Check back here for future events.

September- Parents Open House

October- Parent Teacher Conferences

November- Thanksgiving Family Event

December- Baking Night

January- New Years Potluck

February- Flowers for the less Fortunate Fundraiser

March- Gardening Day

April- World Wide Day of Play

May- End of the Year Bash

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