Purpose of Advisory Program: Advisory periods focus on the student. Our school's purpose is to meet student needs both effectively and developmentally. We want to create a place for your child to feel safe. A place where he/she can ask questions, express their fears or frustrations, and feel comfortable. As a team, we have created a wonderful program that we have seen work on numerous students. We are proud of what we have accomplished and encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities.

Benefits: There are many benefits of advisory that we find to be very important. At this age, your child wants to be heard, and advisory periods will accommodate just that. They will be provided opportunities to talk with their peers and trusted adults. We will provide a safe place to explore options and solutions during this difficult time of early adolescents. Your children will have the opportunity to converse with students that he/she may have not had the chance to without our program, and we think that this is very important. This is a difficult and transitional time for any student, and we would like to do our best to help each and every one of them throughout this period.

Organization: There are a few ways we considered how to run our program. Many schools follow the typical "homeroom" approach. We think that this does not meet the developmental and affective needs standards that we have set in place. We have instead chosen to have our students meet in their groups for 30 minutes a day, three times a week. As a school, we will have monthly themes. These themes will range from peer pressure to healthy lifestyles. We believe that as a school, we can promote positive behaviors throughout the halls, and provide your children with a safe place to learn. Students spend thousands of hours at this school, and we will do whatever it takes to help them feel at home.

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