Curriculum: Our focus for this unit as aforementioned, is Illinois State University. By looking at this institution through a variety of lenses, students will gain a greater appreciation for the institution and others like it. We will be looking at the geography of the University and the land around it to explain why this location was chosen and what it means to have a college campus in this type of terrain. Students will also experience physical education in a new and fun way. Not only will they be practicing physical feats, they will also be learning about great athletes that practiced and performed at Illinois State. In history class, students will learn about the progression and changes that Illinois State University underwent in order to develop into the institution we know today as well as incorporate the information they will have gained from their other classes in order to make connections. In English class, students will be able to reflect on their experiences through the participation they have put in for this unit. In addition, they will also become familiar with some of ISU's prominent scholars. Overall, we want our students to work on understanding and relating these subjects into one another to create a web of information.

We will be using a couple of approaches as a team including but not limited to: group work to encourage socialization and team building, brainstorming, discussions, debates, and case studies.

Interdisciplinary Activities: Our history class will join up with both our Physical Education and Geography class in a series of walks around Illinois State University's entire campus. Not only will the student's enjoy a variety of physical activities, they will also be informed of the history of the University as well as the geographic locations of some of these historical places and events.

Further information:

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